Good Spread & Jelly Sandwich

Good Spread & Jelly Sandwich

Makes 1


  • Bread
  • Jelly of your choice
  • Good Spread



    Through the ages, man has argued which way is best to properly prepare a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Well, whether you put your peanut butter or your jelly in the middle, as long as there's Good Spread, you've got yourself a winner. If you  need instructions, try this step-by-step tutorial.

    1. Take the bread from the pantry
    2. Lather each side of your bread slices with Good Spread
    3. Lick the Good Spread knife to make sure it's clean
    4. Add your preferred jelly
    5. Enclose the jelly with the Good Spread covered bread slices 
    6. Enjoy your peanut butter nirvana

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