Our Story

Our journey began in a 1971 Winnebago with an effort to spread the good news about Mana Nutrition. After that blew up (literally), we returned to the peanut fields of Fitzgerald, Georgia to reimagine how peanut butter could change the world. Today, we’re a company with a simple mission: to help good spread.


And we can’t do that without you.




We started working with Mana Nutrition by buying a 1971 Winnebago and driving across the country to spread the word about malnutrition and ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF.)

On the evening of 11/11/2011, just outside of Malibu, our loyal steed breathed her last breath.

Let's just say things blew up.

After hitch-hiking the remaining 2,500 miles of our tour, we knew we needed to create a business that didn't rely on the trustworthiness of a 1971 Winnebago.

One day, she will rise from the ashes.

Mana Factory

We proudly source our peanuts from paradise, Fitzgerald, Georgia. It's a town known for its legumes, and we are honored to partner with Mana Nutrition to not only help with employment opportunities for locals, but to offer a job that can positively impact the lives of children around the world (with peanuts!)

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